Steamed Radishes with Mixed Veggies

I wasn’t entirely sure whether to title this veggie side dish recipe for strictly radishes or for the hodgepodge of other veggies that joined in on the fun for this particular side….so don’t be thrown off.  Yes, radishes are vegetables, too – I know.  Let’s just say that I credit them as the inspiration of this post, as it was a new food ingredient for me to work with. 

I ordered a CSA vegetable package that was presented as a deal on GiltTaste from who-knows-what farm out in Ohio, in hopes I’d be forced to reckon with some not-yet-experimented-upon veggies.  Radishes are just not something I had attempted to prepare before (sure, easy enough – but just not usually my first grab at the veggie counter).  Plus, they look like they could take some serious prep time, the dirty little suckers.

But shame on me for assuming – these weren’t so difficult! And they turned out super tasty when steamed! I might just restock my basket next grocery run…

Radishes (however many you desire!)
Mixed veggies (I find that carrots, squash/zucchini work best for steaming)
Salt & Pepper
Ghee (or butter)


  • Over high heat, place a pot of water (in a pot large enough to accommodate a steamer basket insert), and bring to a boil.
  • While waiting for the water to boil, rinse the radishes off in a colander.  Use a paper towel to rub any leftover dirt from the outside.

  • With a small paring knife remove the ends.
  • Peel off the first outside layer of red (I will admit I left some of mine on, and these tasted just as well).

  • Cut up any other veggies, if any, that you wish to include with the radishes.
  • Season and toss veggies with salt and pepper (and any other seasonings, if desired).
  • When the water has reached a boil, place the veggies in the steamer insert, partially covering the pot with a lid.

  • Steam for 10-15 minutes, to desired tenderness, removing the lid to stir occasionally.
  • When finished, remove the steamer basket of veggies from the pot and let sit in the sink (or empty its contents into a colander first, if not a free-standing steamer basket).
  • Top the steaming veggies with a scoop of ghee, and toss to coat.  Season with more salt & pepper for taste, as desired.
  • Plate, and enjoy!

One response to “Steamed Radishes with Mixed Veggies

  1. Ginger! I never have had a steamed radish. What a good idea. I never would have thought of that. Glad you tested it out so I can give it a try without fear! 🙂 Are the radishes as strongly flavored steamed as they are raw? You know, that particular radish bite can sometimes be a bit much. This looks like a yummy healthy side dish. The only other way I really ate radishes before was with butter and salt – this awesome little snack I learned about from the woman i lived with in France when I went to school there. I’m excited to give this a go!

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