Here I am, at the very end of January 2012, just about to tip into February; and I’m waking myself up from a bit of a writing haitus.  It’s hard to believe just over one year ago, aside from the occasional cheat meal or 2 on the weekends (let’s not talk about vacations), I had committed to, and likewise, embraced, a new idea behind diet and eating.  It started with Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Body

The concept and understanding I have of food today is almost a complete stranger to what I thought was so good, and right, and of the best health to my body, 1 year ago.  I was a devout follower of fitness magazines, and healthy food curios-itor, fully trusting that whole grains and skim milk are key to maximum healthiness.  All I can attest for is how I feel.  The rest is literature (and in my belly).

I should add that, over time, I have officially made what was a gradual migration over to the Paleo “Lifestyle”.  It was not difficult to make a shift from one to the other, and I feel the need to emphasize that The Four Hour Body concept is very much still the driver behind these recipes (this is where my eagerness to explore more recipes truly began).  The two lifestyles are similar enough at the core.  Really – I would describe the jump to the Paleo diet as adding a few extra ingredients into the mix (i.e., sweet potato; raw honey; a touch of fruit, namely bananas and berries).  I do still use beans from time to time (chili without beans feels hardly hardy…); but as such, I will do my best to classify these recipes as accordingly as possible!

There you have it – the evolution of my diet (lifestyle).

Anything else? I am originally Southern at the core (South Carolina); and I now live in the most beautiful city in the United States (San Diego) with my double black belt, cardio-kickboxing, rocker, and all-around funtimes husband of almost a year (with many more to come), and our awesomely foxy Shiba Inu dog named Taco.  We are proud owners of paddleboards, roller blades, and we usually can be found pedaling about on our beach cruisers around the Pacific arena.  We are several months into a brand new journey through Crossfit and are in love with all that it has taught us thus far, and that which it promises to teach us about ourselves, our capabilities, and our commitments to ourselves, on-and-on.

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