Breakfast Frittata

Slow Carb Frittata

Ah, a glorious way to start the day, indeed! I have to confess – I find that scrambled eggs loaded with veggies galore would be hard for me to become tired of (although I’m sure some will beg to differ).  But eggs are such a delicious, easy way to pack the protein in big time in the AM.  Needless to say, some mornings…you just don’t want to rush to get that first meal in your first 30/45 minutes out of bed, by pulling out the frying pan, oil method, and chopping up some additional veggies.  That’s a lot to think about while still in a fog.  I welcome, to your ovens, a yummy, easy, time efficient solution.  So easy.  No cooking professionalism needed, my friends.

Now, let’s get to the details:

8 eggs
Vegetables (12 oz. or more/less)
2 cooked chicken breasts, diced (approx. 3.5-4 oz.) – (Trader Joe’s pre-cooked “Just Chicken” is a fast, convenient solution to add’l cooking)
1/2-2/3 cup of sliced almonds
Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Preheat oven to 350 F
  • Beat eggs together, add salt & pepper
  • Add other ingredients, stir to combine
  • Pour into greased glass or other bakeware (I use a quiche dish) – a light, yet thorough, brush of olive oil will do the grease job well
  • Bake for 45-55 min (test by inserting knife or toothpick – when it comes out clean, you’re done!)
  • Cool, cover, and refrigerate, and there you have it, breakfast that will last for several days! Just microwave a slice in the AM, and voila! Quick, easy, tasty breakfast.

Frittata slice and turkey bacon! mmmm

Details that you just might not care about – but here’s where I get crazy (or make things just a bit more exciting):
Please don’t be thrown off by the all-allusive “12oz vegetables”.  Easily said, throw in a 12 oz frozen (preferably thawed) package of broccoli or spinach.  Or, if you’re a spazz and ridiculously chop-happy like myself, my frittatas usually end up with a mix of all kinds of veggies.  Whatever’s in the fridge, really.  And no, I don’t really measure so much these days….I say, the more veggies the better for ya…but don’t overdo it, as the eggs and chicken are the stars of the show. This is really about high-time protein, after all; so you don’t really want to wind up with too much content for the pan.

My extra ingredients, give or take:
– Eggs – 8 eggs is standard; but I like to swap a few/half of those out for egg whites. Use whatever equation you’d like, and remember that egg whites account for less egg volume than a full egg and its yolk…so compensate for that accordingly.
– Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper, a shake of dried basil
– My standard veggies tend to consist of: part broccoli, fresh shredded spinach leaves, jalapenos (i like it hot!), diced tomatoes, diced bell peppers, mushrooms…and so on.
– And…hey, why not add some salsa and/or hot sauce on top of your breakfast slice for extra zip!

Point of the personal add-ons?
My goal is to give you the basis for a good, convenient, time-efficient 4hb recipe; one which is easy enough for those who don’t do much cooking (at all), but also a recipe with PLENTY of room for personal tastes/embellishments. Furthermore, one that can last for days, and cater to an easy 4hb morning start.  I like good flavor, personally (given the addition of whatever spices I decide to grab from the cabinet and a healthy dose of hot-spice). And yes, true; I did claim I could eat eggs every morning and not get tired of them….but you’ve got to throw some seasoning in there from time-to-time. You’ll thank yourself.

I hope you enjoy.